For over 10 years, Radius60 has provided technology solutions to the entertainment industry.

Our products and services span the digital spectrum, from enhanced extras packages promoting digital purchase to physical disc authoring.  Our clients include virtually all of the major Hollywood studios and dozens of independent studios.

To date, we’ve delivered thousands of titles to iTunes, Google, Vudu, and others.  We’ve created a large percentage of iTunes Extras titles available on the App Store, developed the specification of and delivered the first Cross-Platform Extras titles, authored more than eight-thousand DVDs, two-thousand Blu-rays, as well as award-winning tablet and mobile apps.

No matter the product or service our approach is simple: deliver advanced digital solutions with exceptional service.

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Radius60 has delivered hundreds of iTunes extras packages, including the most advanced functionality available on the platform (showcased by the iTunes Extras for: Avatar, The Hunger Games, and No Room for Rockstars.) When it came time to select a vendor to work with for its most important internal Extras project, The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, Apple chose Radius60.

We work closely with Apple on updates and functionality enhancements, including 2.0 development and integration, and are involved during various R&D phases so that our client’s projects are ready on day one of the platform update.

Cross-platform extras (CPE) is a CSS/java-script enabled HTML5 package that displays enhanced extras for promoting digital purchase.  The package is launched from a retailer website, and displays a custom interface where Users can view, purchase, and share digital content and added-value.

The package is retailer and platform agnostic, and currently there are 70+ titles live on

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The app team at Radius60 specializes in native iOS and Android development across all devices – mobile, tablet, and TV.  Previous releases include MovieTouch from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, and the official app for America’s Funniest Home Videos, which includes a mobile video uploader.

Puzzlfy, the first app to create a puzzle out of any video or photo, has received Editor’s Choice Recognition from the prestigious Children’s Technology Review.

Our mobile engineers also have extensive experience in developing for Google’s Chromecast and Amazon’s Fire platforms.

First facility awarded Direct-Live status

Radius60 provides over 2,000 deliveries a month to iTunes on behalf of most of the major film studios and many large independents. In addition to being on Apple’s short Preferred Encoding House list, Radius60 was the first facility to be awarded Direct-Live status from Apple, its highest designation. We have a 99%+ approval rating for all deliveries to Apple.

Radius60 also delivers to many other digital destinations (Google, Amazon, Vudu, PSN, Xbox, Samsung, and Nook among many others.) Onboards to new vendors are seamless – provide us a spec, we’ll deliver to it!

Since its inception, Radius60 has authored over 10,000 DVDs and 2,500 Blu-ray discs. Titles include hundreds of blockbuster feature-films like The Hunger Games (Lionsgate), and dozens of hit television shows like Breaking Bad (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) and Homeland (21st Century Fox Home Entertainment).

The company’s clients include all of the major studios – 21st Century Fox, Sony, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Universal, Dreamworks, Disney, and Lionsgate; the prestigious and renowned Criterion Collection, as well as many independent distributors and producers.

Radius60 is also proud to have partnered with Scenarist for UHD compression and authoring.  If you are interested in offering titles in UHD/4K, please contact us.


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